Burkhalter Wrecking Inc. Equipment and Safety Standards

Burkhalter Wrecking Inc. Equipment and Safety Standards

Burkhalter Wrecking Inc. is a trusted provider of demolition, dismantling, and deconstruction services across the United States. Founded in 1960, with their corporate headquarters in the city of Memphis, Tennessee, the company provides a full suite of services for commercial and residential projects of varying size and complexity. Their team of highly trained and experienced demolition, wrecking, and hauling experts offer clients comprehensive solutions designed to meet their needs and budget requirements.

At Burkhalter Wrecking Inc. safety and quality are top priorities. Experienced and skilled personnel receive specialized training in the following areas of operation: demolition, dismantling, and deconstruction safety practices and protocols, safe operation of heavy machinery and equipment, hazardous materials handling, hazard communication, control of hazardous energy (e.g., electrical, mechanical, and pneumatic) and hazardous material storage. To ensure consistent safety standards and protocols, Burkhalter Wrecking Inc. has established a Safety Manual which is applicable and applicable to all personnel in their operations.

Burkhalter Wrecking Inc. utilizes cutting-edge heavy equipment and specialized tools, as well as a fleet of trucks, to get jobs done safely and efficiently. They use diamond-tipped blades and cutters to reduce vibration and are able to work in closed-off areas, such as sandwiched conditions, without compromising safety. Their excavators, bulldozers and cranes are capable of lifting and manipulating heavy loads, while their specialized hauling and lifting solutions allow them to complete virtually any job.

In addition, Burkhalter Wrecking Inc. is committed to environmental responsibility. They always adhere to federal and state environmental regulations when handling projects and dispose of materials in a manner that is both safe for the community and the environment. Their staff works closely with clients to minimize issues with dust and debris, noise, air quality, and hazardous materials, and to ensure jobs are conducted in an environmentally-friendly manner.

From pre-construction risk assessment to post-site clean-up, Burkhalter Wrecking Inc. is a trusted source for safe and reliable demolition, dismantling, and deconstruction services. With proven equipment and stringent safety protocols, the team at Burkhalter Wrecking Inc. is reliable, experienced and committed to the highest standards of quality and safety.