Burkhalter Wrecking Inc. Locations and Contact Information

Burkhalter Wrecking Inc. Locations and Contact Information

Burkhalter Wrecking Inc. is a professional demolition and excavating company with locations throughout the United States. Established in 1961, Burkhalter Wrecking Inc. has established itself as a reliable and experienced provider of demolition services to the construction industry, providing their clients with the highest quality of service and a safe and secure service package.

The core services of Burkhalter Wrecking Inc. include services such as selective demolitions, interior and exterior demolitions, debris removal, site clearing, seismic upgrades, heavy machinery moving, and more. In addition, they also offer specialized services such as hot tub and spa removal, concrete grinding and pulverizing, tilt-up panel removal, and many other services.

From its main headquarters in Los Angeles, Burkhalter Wrecking Inc. has built and extended its presence with over 30 locations across the United States. Each location comprises a team of highly-trained professionals with a passion for the demolition industry. With an aim to increase their customer satisfaction, Burkhalter Wrecking Inc. has dedicated its services to ensure that its customer’s needs are met and exceeded on every project.

Regardless of the project size, Burkhalter Wrecking Inc. has a team of experienced professionals to handle any job with the utmost care and expertise. Their experts are available round the clock and can provide custom solutions to fit any customer’s needs. They offer free quotations, estimates, and inspections to ensure that all customer requirements are met.

To get in touch with Burkhalter Wrecking Inc., customers can visit the company's website at https://www.burkhalters.com or contact them via telephone at (213) 975-3300. The website also provides detailed information about the company, their services, and the list of locations. Customers can also contact the company via email for any further inquiries.

Burkhalter Wrecking Inc. is a reliable provider of demolition and excavating services that strives to satisfy their client's needs and exceed their expectations. Through their strong presence in over 30 locations, they provide their clientele with the highest quality of service and excellent customer service.