Burkhalter Wrecking Inc. Reviews and Testimonials

Burkhalter Wrecking Inc. Reviews and Testimonials

Burkhalter Wrecking Inc. has been providing demolition and wrecking services to the greater Nashville area for over three decades. The company is family-owned and operated, offering superior skill, expertise and attention to detail. Since its founding in 1988, they have left countless customers pleased with their projects and services.

Burkhalter Wrecking Inc. is a favorite among Nashville locals, having established a reputation for exceptional service and customer satisfaction. Many of the customers that have worked with this company have praised their work for being swift, efficient and professional. Customers have credited their skilled employees for delivering excellent results in a timely manner.

Despite the fact that the company focuses mainly on commercial and industrial services, their projects aren’t limited to those types of sites. Burkhalter Wrecking Inc. has recently expanded their services to residential projects as well. While their residential offerings are still limited, customers have been satisfied with the quality and efficiency of their work.

From clearing land to demolishing old buildings, Burkhalter Wrecking Inc. has the experience and expertise to get the job done. They understand the importance of safety and properly disposing of debris, making their services a reliable and safe choice for any project.

The company has received numerous awards and accolades throughout the years, one of which includes the Nashville Business Journal’s “Demolition Contractor of the Year.” What’s more, they have a five-star rating on several review sites, including Yelp, Google and Angie’s List. Customers have regularly praised their work, stating that the company’s services are top-notch and the results are always exemplary.

Overall, customers of Burkhalter Wrecking Inc. appear to be highly satisfied with their services, leaving glowing reviews and testimonials. Those looking for quality demolition and wrecking services, from commercial to residential projects, can rest assured knowing that Burkhalter Wrecking Inc. has the necessary experience and professionalism to handle it.