Emergency Response Services of Burkhalter Wrecking Inc.

Emergency Response Services of Burkhalter Wrecking Inc.

Burkhalter Wrecking Inc. is a top-rated demolition, wrecking, and emergency response service based in Seattle, Washington. Since 1971, their highly trained and experienced team has met or exceeded the expectations of their customers in providing the highest quality of service. Burkhalter Wrecking offers 24-hour emergency response services forcommercial, industrial and residential clients.

Burkhalter Wrecking's emergency response team is ready to respond whenever a disaster strikes. Whether it's a structural failure caused by high winds, a burst river levee, or a gas line break, Burkhalter Wrecking can mobilize quickly to help safely and securely repair any damage and avoid further loss. The team will transport the right tools, heavy equipment, and personnel to provide efficient and resilient response that is both timely and cost effective.

The team at Burkhalter Wrecking provides the expertise in demolition and wrecking to effectively and quickly extricate trapped persons, property and contained materials. They are well equipped to handle the tough job of demolition and proper disposal of any debris or hazardous materials created during the response process. The team is also experienced in restoring facilities, returning them to their prior state as quickly and safely as possible.

At Burkhalter Wrecking, safety is paramount. Their trained crews are equipped to handle extreme conditions caused by fires, floods and severe weather. They go the extra mile to protect not only the safety of their employees, but also to protect the safety of the public by adhering to all applicable Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations and safety standards.

Burkhalter Wrecking is equipped to respond to your emergency with speed and agility. From demolition and dismantling to salvage and reclamation, they are sure to provide you with the safe, responsible and timely emergency response services you need. For more information and to receive a free estimate, please visit their website at https://www.burkhalters.com.