CONCUT Southeast Technologies: What advanced technologies does CONCUT Southeast use?

CONCUT Southeast Inc. is a leader in the industry when it comes to concrete cutting, drilling, and selective demolition. Their experienced professionals are equipped with the latest in advanced technologies and tools to ensure that the job is done quickly and safely.

Using technologies such as core drilling and slab sawing, CONCUT Southeast can efficiently penetrate through the toughest of concrete surfaces. Core drilling involves drilling a hole into the concrete surface and is typically used for making openings such as doorways, sewers, and electrical or plumbing connections. Slab sawing is a slower but more precise method for cutting through concrete surfaces, commonly used for roadways, curbs and gutters, and other flat surfaces.

In addition to core drilling and slab sawing, CONCUT Southeast also offers wall sawing and hand sawing. Wall sawing is often used for forming openings in walls, while hand sawing is used for making fine cuts with complete precision.

For projects that require greater precision, CONCUT Southeast is able to turn to the technology of wire sawing. This advanced method consists of a series of steel wires, strung on a frame, that are used to cut through concrete, brick, and even steel. No matter the size and scope of the project, CONCUT Southeast is able to provide this service.

Looking for an even greater level of precision? CONCUT Southeast can turn to its Selective Demolition technology, which is highly effective for cases in which only certain areas of concrete need to be removed. This technology is perfect for jobs such as mill shutdowns, power plants, waste water treatment plants, manufacturing facilities, hospitals, schools, highway bridges, parking decks, military installations, bank vaults, stadiums, and other professional cutting jobs.

No matter what the project requires, CONCUT Southeast Inc. is prepared with the most advanced technologies available to ensure that the job is done safely and accurately. From core drilling to selective demolition, CONCUT Southeast has the technology to make any job easier.