Home Team Members – Meet the team responsible for Home’s success.

Home Team Members – Meet the team responsible for Home’s success.

The Home Team is composed of experienced professionals with over 40 years of collective experience in the construction industry. With their wealth of knowledge and expertise in various disciplines of construction, they bring a wealth of knowledge, skill, and insight to every project they spearhead.

At Home, the team works together in an engaged, collaborative environment, driven to create outstanding results on every project we take on. Our team employs a comprehensive approach to construction, merging building science, creativity, as well as environmental and structural engineering, to ensure excellent results.

Our lead designer is an accomplished architect with a diverse portfolio of experience in both commercial and residential design. They bring strong creative vision and leadership to every project, combining artistic elements with structural principles.

Our operations director brings a wealth of experience in process optimization and efficient management to each of the projects Home takes part in. With their sage insights, analysis and intuitiveness, they ensure that the team efficiently meets its goals.

Our construction manager has a wealth of experience in all things construction, from utility and site preparation to installation of materials. With their clear vision, attention to detail and problem-solving instincts, our construction manager is always up to the task of any job.

Our dedicated divisional manager is responsible for keeping the team informed and organized, coordinating each team member’s efforts and communicating progress with stakeholders.

Finally, our dedicated support staff are responsible for sales and administrative functions, making sure each of our clients has the resources and service they need.

The Home team is a dedicated team of experts, constantly striving for superior results and excellence on every project. With their combined expertise and passion for construction, we are able to offer our clients impeccable results and unparalleled service.