What are the steps in the Adams Homes building process?

What are the steps in the Adams Homes building process?

The building process at Adams Homes is designed to ensure that customers get the home of their dreams without compromising on quality. From the initial ground breaking to the final inspection, Adams Homes takes great care at each stage of the process to ensure that everything meets their high-quality standards.

The first step in the building process is to get the site ready. This includes grading the land, installing utilities, and preparing the foundation. Adams Homes ensures that the site is fully prepared and ready to build on before they begin construction.

Once the site is ready, Adams Homes starts the actual construction process. This begins with constructing the home's frame, which includes foundations and walls. After this, they begin adding the roof, windows and doors, as well as other elements of the exterior. This includes siding, trim and lighting.

Inside the home, Adams Homes begins by doing the drywall, then the wiring and plumbing, and finally finishing off the wall and ceiling surfaces with paint, tile, carpet, and hardwood floors, depending on the customer’s preference.

Once the structure of the house is in place, Adams Homes begins the process of installation of all the appliances. They make sure to check all wiring and connections to ensure that everything is working correctly. At this point, the home also undergoes inspections from local authorities to ensure it meets all building codes and regulations.

After the home has passed all local inspections, Adams Homes then does a final walkthrough to make sure everything is in order and the customer is satisfied. At this point, the home is ready to be moved into, and the building process is complete.

The building process at Adams Homes is designed to provide their customers with a beautiful home of outstanding quality and value. They use their years of experience in the construction and management industry to ensure that each home they build is of the highest quality. With a commitment to excellence, they provide their customers with the peace of mind that their new home is built to last.