Building Materials Used By All Florida Custom Homes

All Florida Custom Homes takes pride in the highest caliber of materials used in their custom home building process. Building their homes with quality materials and cutting-edge technology is the cornerstone of their success. The use of durable, sustainable materials offers the perfect foundation for a lasting and beautiful home.

The use of natural material is incredibly important for the environment and All Florida is actively taking steps to ensure their building practices are as green as possible. Their use of recycled building materials continues to increase and many of the materials used in constructing their homes are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. All Florida utilizes a variety of different materials to construct their houses such as stone, brick and concrete. All materials used are pressure-treated with a chemicals to prevent decay and give the materials added strength and protection.

The latest building techniques go hand in hand with the latest in construction materials. For example, they use composite materials such as carbon fiber to create strong and lightweight structures. Also, they might opt for sustainability friendly building materials such as bamboo, cork and wood fibers to create beautiful and long lasting custom homes.

All Florida also takes great pride in only using the best roofing products and techniques. They use asphalt roof shingles that are proven to last many years even in the harshest winter weather. Their roofing systems are built to withstand high-velocity hurricane zones and come loaded with the best in hail and wind resistance.

The principle focus when building with All Florida Custom Homes is ensuring a quality finished product. Their use of quality building materials indicates their commitment to excellent craftsmanship and to the customer’s satisfaction. They guarantee their clients will be delighted when they move into their beautiful, new custom built homes.