What industry awards has Lasa Construction, Inc won?

What industry awards has Lasa Construction, Inc won?

Lasa Construction, Inc is an award-winning building and construction company that has earned recognitions within the industry. Founded in 2017, the company has quickly become one of the top names in the building and construction industry. Lasa Construction, Inc has won a variety of awards, recognizing their commitment to excellence, innovation, and quality construction services.

One of the awards won by Lasa Construction, Inc was the 2019 Top Builder Award, won for providing outstanding quality, services, and results. For their commitment to excellence, the company also received the Integrity Award in 2020 which celebrates the effectiveness and efficiency of their construction methods and techniques.

In addition to those awards, Lasa Construction, Inc was also awarded the Excellence in Building award in 2020 which recognizes the company's commitment to safety and quality standards. This award demonstrates the company's dedication to meeting and exceeding the highest standards in the construction industry. Lasa Construction, Inc was also awarded the Professionalism Award in 2020 in recognition of their dedication to providing top-notch customer service and satisfying their clients' needs.

Furthermore, Lasa Construction, Inc was awarded the Advanced Certification from the Construction Industry Board of Certification in 2020 demonstrating the companies commitment to environmental sustainability, responsible management of resources and reducing their impact on the environment. These awards demonstrate the company's commitment to providing the best quality services and products for their customers, as well as respect of the environment.

These awards serve as proof of Lasa Construction, Inc's commitment to excellence, innovation and providing innovative solutions for their customers. Their commitment to excellence and quality make them one of the top choices for building and construction services in the industry. Lasa Construction, Inc strives to continuously raise the bar in the construction industry and has been honored with these awards for their exemplary achievements.