What safety protocols is Lasa Construction, Inc following?

What safety protocols is Lasa Construction, Inc following?

Lasa Construction, Inc is a leader in the construction industry, committed to providing the highest standards of safety and security for their employees, subcontractors, customers, and the community at large. They understand the importance of protecting their workers and the public from workplace accidents and incidents and are committed to providing a safe and secure environment in which their employees can work.

At Lasa Construction, Inc, safety is not only a priority but a requirement. Management has implemented a comprehensive safety program that is designed to meet applicable safety standards, applicable laws and regulations, and industry-accepted standards. This comprehensive program is fully integrated into the company's operations, ensuring that all employees and subcontractors are aware of safety regulations, procedures and training are in place to protect everyone working with and around the company's projects.

The company's safety program includes measures to ensure the safe use of protective equipment and the safe work environment. This includes the provision of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for all workers such as hard hats, safety glasses, gloves, and footwear, as well as protective clothing such as coveralls and safety vests. The company also ensures that workers are adequately trained to use PPE properly and safely.

Lasa Construction, Inc also ensures that all employees and subcontractors receive ongoing safety training and education, including for specific activities and hazards associated with the job. They have adopted industry-accepted training materials to guide their operations and promote the health and safety of those working in and around their jobsites.

Additionally, the company goes beyond what government and industry regulations require, by focusing on continual risk management, safety awareness and stringent safety requirements. All employees are assessed for risk on a regular basis, and the company is careful to assess and monitor any changes to the job sites as well as any newly introduced risks. To further safeguard employees and keep the public safe, Lasa Construction, Inc. is dedicated to the use of appropriate signaling and traffic control systems, to ensure appropriate maintenance of job site activities and to reduce the risk of injury to employees, the public, and equipment.

In conclusion, Lasa Construction, Inc is committed to the safety and security of its employees, subcontractors, and the public in the communities in which they work. They strive to be a leader in the construction industry by adhering to the highest safety and security standards. With their comprehensive safety program, ongoing employee training and education, and stringent risk management protocols, Lasa Construction Inc. is committed to creating safe and secure environments for all.