T B Landmark's Equipment - Types and sizes of equipment used by T B Landmark.

T B Landmark's Equipment - Types and sizes of equipment used by T B Landmark.

T B Landmark is a leader in the pipeline, Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD), and underground utility markets. They are the premier provider of top of the line HDD and utility equipment to ensure the success of any project. With the use of advanced technologies, industry experience, and expansive resources, T B Landmark has made their name in the industry by providing the necessary expertise and quality machinery for their customers.

The company provides a wide range of high-quality equipment to meet the needs of any project. From drill rigs, to pipe laying equipment, to tools and supplies, they have everything necessary to carry out the work professionally and efficiently. T B Landmark can supply customers with both new and used machinery, with rigs and equipment varying in size and capability to fit the scale of the job.

For projects that require drill rigs, T B Landmark can provide a range of sizes and capabilities, from small rigs that are used in tight alleyways, to large rigs that can handle long distances and larger pipes. Their inventory of remote control drills sets the industry standard for accuracy and reliability. Their fleet of horizontal directional drills (HDD) also feature high levels of power and speed for optimum performance.

For underground utility projects, T B Landmark has a variety of pipe laying equipment and tools available. From augers, to directional pipeline lasers, to conduit locators, and more, they have everything necessary for underground pipelaying. Additionally, T B Landmark provides accessories for power generators and evaporation coolers to ensure the project runs smoothly.

T B Landmark offers an array of equipment with varying sizes and capabilities to ensure they have the tools and supplies necessary to get the job done right. They have mastered the art of outfitting projects with the top of the line technology and have earned their place as the premier provider of HDD and utility equipment.