T B Landmark's Projects - Examples of projects completed by T B Landmark.

T B Landmark is an established leader in the pipeline, horizontal directional drilling (HDD) and underground utility markets. Their expertise lies in providing quality services for pipe and utility installation, ranging from small-scale residential projects to the very largest in commercial and industrial applications. Founded in 1999, the company’s experience and dedication to innovation ensures that their clients can be certain when they hire T B Landmark for a project, the best results are guaranteed.

T B Landmark is well-known for their installation of underground pipelines. Whether they are laying pipes for water services, sewage systems, or high-pressure oil and gas lines, T B Landmark can handle any job. Their experts make sure that the pipes are securely installed and ready to be connected to the necessary supply systems. As the amount of the infrastructure in our world grows, this kind of pipeline installation is becoming more and more common.

Horizontal directional drilling (HDD) is another major service provided by T B Landmark. HDD is a specialized technique used to create access to underground areas without resorting to open-cut excavation. Using HDD, T B Landmark can install anything from utility lines to cable TV service in survey-friendly, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective ways. As such, HDD has become a popular option for utility installations.

When it comes to underground utility projects, T B Landmark also offers their expertise. Utilizing HDD, they can install utility lines such as sewer, water, telecom, and electrical with minimal disruption to the surface. With their experienced crew and dedication to safety, they are capable of completing projects on-time and while keeping disruption to the environment and public to a minimum.

T B Landmark has worked on a variety of projects over the years, ranging from residential to large-scale commercial or industrial projects. Some of their major successes include the installation of approximately 10 miles of water lines for a large housing project, the installation of electrical infrastructure for a mixed-use development, and the installation of a large segment of conduit for a high-rise office building.

Overall, T B Landmark has built a long record of success in the pipeline, HDD, and underground utility markets. As a full-service provider, they have the expertise and experience necessary to handle any job. With their commitment to safety, excellent customer service, and dedication to quality, they are an ideal choice for any project.