Thompson Construction Awards and Recognition

Thompson Construction is a top-notch provider of construction services to clients throughout the Southeast. With decades of impressive experience, they are a leader in their industry, and they have earned many awards and recognition commending their high-quality services and commitment to their clients.

Thompson Construction has won numerous awards and recognitions from both government and industry organizations. These awards show the level of service that the company consistently provides. For example, the company has received an Award of Excellence from the Georgia Construction Aggregates Association for “exemplifying the highest standards of excellence and commitment to environmental stewardship and protection in their activities.”

The company also received a Construction Quality Award from the Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association for “outstanding craftsmanship and attention to detail in construction projects.” Additionally, the Georgia Public-Private Partnership for Transportation & Logistics Project of the Year Award recognized the company’s involvement in planning, designing, and constructing an expansive network of highways and bridges in the state of Georgia.

Thompson Construction is also dedicated to their employees and has been recognized with multiple awards for their commitment to workplace safety and employee morale. For instance, they were awarded a Certificate of Appreciation from OSHA, the Occupational Safety & Health Administration, for “implementing and sustaining an effective occupational safety and health program.”

Thompson Construction is committed to providing high-quality and safe construction services to their clients and communities. The awards and recognitions they’ve received are a testament to their commitment to excellence. They are continuously striving to raise the bar in the construction industry for providing safe and effective services.

By employing their commitment to going above and beyond industry standards, Thompson Construction stands out from its competitors. Their achievements have resulted in the company being held as an example of excellence within the construction and development industry. As more awards and honors express the importance of safety and sustainability, Thompson Construction will continue to strive for high-quality construction services for their clients.