Auld & White Constructors Construction Process

Auld & White Constructors Construction Process

Auld & White Constructors is a Jacksonville, Florida-based general contractor offering an extensive range of construction, healthcare, and renovation services. With more than two decades of experience, the company takes pride in being a local provider with the capabilities of a larger firm and has established a successful track record in the commercial, healthcare, and public sectors.

Working closely with clients, architects, engineers, and subcontractors, Auld & White Constructors guides projects from inception to completion with its comprehensive construction process. From the designing and preconstruction stages through to the handing over of a finished product, the company works to ensure projects meet client expectations and deadlines while also considering sustainable solutions and cost savings.

The preconstruction process begins with initial discussions with project stakeholders to establish project objectives, schedules, and budgets. A detailed scope of work and design specification are then developed, and the company works to identify value engineering opportunities and other ways to further reduce labor costs. Auld & White Constructors takes an open-book approach to project costs and accountability and maintains regular communication throughout the process.

The company is experienced in the various construction delivery methods and assists clients in determining the unique needs of each project. Auld & White Constructors then puts together a team of subcontractors and suppliers to ensure each project is steered in the right direction with appropriate and reliable resources. The team regularly evaluates progress against the building plans and schedule, as well as safety and quality assurance protocols, to identify and address any potential issues before they become costly problems.

When the project is completed, Auld & White Constructors performs a final walkthrough with the client and project stakeholders to ensure the work has been completed to standards. In the end, the company aims to ensure a successful project and satisfied customer relationship shaped by its professional construction process, open-book pricing system, and reliable performance.