Auld & White Constructors Public Sector Work Portfolio

Auld & White Constructors Public Sector Work Portfolio

Auld & White Constructors is a respected general contractor firm located in Jacksonville, Florida, that offers a wide range of services to its clients. The company specializes in commercial, healthcare, and public sector projects and has extensive experience in the design and construction of new buildings, renovations and additions to existing facilities, and extensive remodeling projects. Auld & White has a long and proud history of creating the highest quality projects for public sector clients, ranging from state and local governments to non-profit organizations.

The public sector projects undertaken by Auld & White Constructors feature a wide range of capabilities and expertise. The company offers comprehensive services for a wide range of public sector projects, including design/build, pre-construction, construction management, and logistical planning. All public sector projects are also completed with an eye towards efficiency and cost-effectiveness. The company's experienced team of professionals understands the requirements of many different public sector clients, and they work diligently to ensure the client's objectives are met within a set timeline and budget.

Auld & White Constructors has a long list of successful public sector projects to its credit, which include the renovation of an office complex in the City of Jacksonville, a high-tech research and development facility in Orlando, and a major housing development project in Miami. In each of these quality projects, Auld & White delivered on time and within budget. Their team of experienced personnel and state-of-the-art equipment made it possible for the projects to be completed with efficiency and safety.

In addition to the many successful public sector projects that Auld & White Constructors has completed, the company also offers a variety of unique services to further enhance and tailor each project. Auld & White includes sustainability and green building initiatives in every project, as well as extensive natural resource management throughout the duration of each project. Highly trained staff are also available to provide assistance throughout all stages of the project, from pre-construction planning to the completion of the final project.

Auld & White Constructors has established a proven record for creating some of the finest public sector projects in the region. The company's portfolio of completed projects highlights the expertise and versatility of the team. From large-scale projects to smaller initiatives, Auld & White has the resources and capability to manage, design, and construct projects that meet all of their customers' expectations.