Different Types of Projects Completed by Builders Care of North East Florida

Different Types of Projects Completed by Builders Care of North East Florida

Builders Care of North East Florida is an organization that provides free services in the form of repairs and renovations for low-income and elderly homeowners in Northeast Florida. The organization's mission is to assist and empower individuals who cannot afford high home-repair costs due to financial hardship. With the work of skilled volunteers from the construction industry and donations from the community, Builders Care is helping to improve the lives and homes of those in need.

Builders Care's projects include everything from small repairs such as replacing broken doors and windows, fixing leaks, and installing safety features to more comprehensive plans like rebuilding entire homes from the ground up. The organization also offers services to homeless and low-income individuals looking to gain the skills needed to pursue better employment opportunities in the construction industry. Their work in the community has resulted in improved quality of life for the elderly, disabled, and homeless in Northeast Florida.

Builders Care of North East Florida also helps those impacted by natural disasters such as hurricanes and floods. Following Hurricane Matthew in 2016, the organization launched a massive rebuilding effort that saw renovations and repairs to over 2,000 homes.

The organization also offers HomeDay events to help bring cheerful improvement to the lives of senior citizens. During these HomeDay events, volunteers come together to perform small repairs and renovations, offering the elderly a renewed sense of security and comfort.

As a result, Builders Care of North East Florida is making a big impact in the community of Northeast Florida. With the help of generous sponsors, donors, and skilled volunteers, the organization is able to provide free home repairs to those in need and provide job training to the homeless and low-income individuals. Their hard work is inspiring other organizations and individuals to get involved in giving back to the community and making a positive difference in the lives of others.