Success Stories from Builders Care of North East Florida

Success Stories from Builders Care of North East Florida

Builders Care of North East Florida has a long and successful history of helping families in need by providing essential repairs, renovations and rebuilding services. Over the years, this organization has helped thousands of families, veterans, seniors and persons with disabilities throughout the state of Florida. With generous donations from the building industry, local governments and private individuals, Builders Care is able to complete projects that help people return to safe, secure housing and live a better life.

It’s through the dedication of their volunteers and staff that this organization is able to make such a difference around the state. Their success stories truly illustrate how their mission is making a difference in the lives of those they serve. One such success story began in 2012 when an elderly, single homeowner from Orange County, FL needed to have her roof replaced. With the help of Builders Care, this homeowner was able to receive a new roof, saving her thousands of dollars. This project was just a small example of the good that was done for her and her family.

Another success story happened in 2016 when ten families in an affordable housing complex in Jacksonville, Florida were displaced due to flooding. Builders Care stepped in and provided immediate assistance. Volunteers worked to restore the units and rebuild the community to a safe and livable condition. After months of hard work, and with the help of hundreds of volunteers, all of the families were able to return to their safe and dry homes.

These two stories are just some examples of the work done everyday by Builders Care. The organization relies heavily on donations and volunteers to help with the multitude of projects they take on each year. Additional success stories can be found on their website, illustrating the importance of their work.

At Builders Care, they believe in building a better tomorrow by ensuring that everyone has access to safe and secure housing. By providing these essential services, they are making a positive impact on the lives of countless individuals and families in need. Through the success stories of their projects, Builders Care of North East Florida is leaving a lasting legacy that will benefit Florida for years to come.