B&W Marine Construction Company Locations

B&W Marine Construction is a premier construction company with locations around the country. With corporate offices in Milwaukee, WI and Houston, TX, and operating centers throughout the Eastern and Western United States, B&W is well prepared to provide the highest quality construction services to its customers.

The Milwaukee office is involved in the planning and design of projects, while the Houston office focuses on project management and finance. Both offices have expansive teams of experts will be able to handle various tasks within the scope of each project.

Clients located in the East Coast can turn to B&W’s eastern operations centers in Miami, Jacksonville, Savannah, Baltimore, and Washington DC. These offices handle all construction and engineering projects in their areas.

For clients located on the West Coast, B&W has operations centers in Los Angeles, Long Beach, San Diego, and Seattle. Each office has teams of highly skilled engineers and construction managers that specialize in all types of projects, from small residential works to large commercial projects.

These locations across the country and their expert teams of professionals dedicated to their craft, make B&W Marine Construction the go to choice for marine construction projects. These teams handle projects from conception to completion, with a reliable, cost-effective, and efficient approach.

From its corporate offices to its operations centers, B&W Marine Construction is dedicated to providing the highest quality construction services to its clients. With a trusted team and locations around the US, B&W is the perfect solution for meeting clients’ marine construction projects in any part of the country.