What Type of Marine Construction Does B&W Marine Construction Specialize In?

B&W Marine Construction is a dedicated marine construction and engineering firm that specializes in providing high-quality, innovative solutions to a wide range of waterfront needs and desires. With over two decades of experience and expertise in providing a variety of marine services, from waterfront development and deepwater engineering to marina construction and dock building, B&W Marine Construction is well-equipped to create the perfect marine construction solution for any waterfront project.

The company offers expertise in a wide range of marine construction projects, from designing and constructing high-end, custom marinas and floating docks to creating boat houses, ramp installation, and creating waterfront infrastructure for commercial developments and luxury residences. For those seeking more traditional, aesthetic options, B&W Marine Construction also offers dock repair, strake installation, and seawall construction, among other services.

In addition to custom marina and dock services, B&W Marine Construction also provides a comprehensive range of lake services and aquatic weed control improvements. The company’s experienced team is knowledgeable in the latest aquatic management methods and, when mosquito larvae and weeds control call for extreme measures, B&W Marine Construction offers advanced options such as alum treatment and other treatments for controlling algae, weeds, and other aquatic invaders.

For those looking for full-service marine construction, B&W Marine Construction provides a turnkey solution from the initial project design to construction and completion, ensuring projects are done on time and on budget while having minimal impact on the local environment. The firm also offers a wide range of weekly, monthly, and seasonal maintenance and repair services, making sure that their clients’ waterfront investments are always in peak condition and able to withstand the powerful elements of nature.

At B&W Marine Construction, the team is committed to not only creating exceptional waterfront projects, but also doing so in a way that is safe, effective, and respectful of the environment. Whether it’s shoreline development, marina construction, dock and ramp building, or lake services, the experts at B&W Marine Construction are equipped to help make your waterfront dreams come true.