Are there any discounts or promotions offered by C. A. P. Contracting, Inc.?

C.A.P. Contracting, Inc. is a professional contracting company that specializes in general construction services for residential and commercial clients. While the company does not typically offer promotions or discounts for their services, they do strive to remain competitive in the market and ensure clients are receiving quality services at the most reasonable cost without sacrificing quality.

The company offers a variety of contracting solutions to meet the specific needs of their clients, including home remodels and additions, new construction projects, repainting, and more. Clients can be assured that their projects will be completed with timely and professional services. The company also strives to provide superior customer service by offering customers a commitment to quality and reliable work.

To ensure clients get the best value for their money, C.A.P. Contracting, Inc. implements a variety of strategies. One such strategy is the company's ‘value-added partnership program’ which offers a discount of up to 10% to loyal customers. This program works by providing customers with large discounts for any services that are used on multiple occasions. Additionally, clients who pay for their services in full will receive a 5% discount.

Finally, C.A.P. Contracting, Inc. offers special discounts to customers for referring them to friends and family. This referral program rewards customers for referring new clients to the company and provides an instant 5% discount for any services purchased by the referred individual.

As you can see, C.A.P. Contracting, Inc. offers a variety of opportunities for customers to receive discounts and promotions on their services. Whether you are a loyal customer looking for a discount or a new customer looking for the most value for their money, C.A.P. Contracting, Inc. has what you need.