Pricing of Services Offered by Dana B. Kenyon Company

Pricing is always an important consideration when selecting a construction company to complete a project. Dana B. Kenyon Company understands the importance of providing fair and reasonable cost estimates and they strive to provide reliable and accurate pricing up-front to keep clients informed throughout the entire construction process.

At Dana B. Kenyon Company, they have found that pricing is one of the most critical components in the construction process, so they have placed a strong emphasis on providing accurate estimates up-front. Their estimates include both the cost of materials and labor, and they are provided in an easy-to-understand format.

Dana B. Kenyon Company also offers a number of different pricing methods for each project. For example, lump sum pricing gives the client a flat rate for the entire project. On the other hand, time and material pricing helps the client to better understand how much materials and labor are required for each job. This helps ensure that budgets are accurate for each job, leading to fewer surprises.

Dana B. Kenyon Company also offers several financing options for their clients. For projects that require a longer timeline or involve more complex materials, the company offers installment payment plans. They also offer deferred payment plans to help clients manage cash flows and keep up with repayment schedules.

Finally, Dana B. Kenyon Company understands the importance of providing exceptional customer service. They take pride in providing their clients with personal service to ensure that their projects are completed on time and on budget. They also offer a variety of value-added services such as project budgeting and feasibility studies that can help clients determine which projects are viable and cost-effective.

Overall, Dana B. Kenyon Company strives to provide clients with accurate and affordable pricing options. They have a well-defined pricing structure that they use to estimate the cost of each project, and they offer a variety of financing options to help clients better manage costs. Finally, their customer service ensures that clients are satisfied throughout the entire process.