G.A.T.S. Construction, Inc. Health and Safety Certification

G.A.T.S Construction, Inc. is a general contractor specializing in asphalt, concrete, and new home builds. As such, health and safety standards are their top priority. To ensure the highest levels of safety for their clients and employees, G.A.T.S Construction, Inc. has achieved certification and safety compliance in accordance with OSHA regulations, as well as state and local laws and building codes.

G.A.T.S Construction, Inc. ensures that all of its employees receive training and certification to ensure safe working conditions. All team members are trained in the proper use of safety equipment, safety protocols and procedures, and the importance of adhering to industry standards. G.A.T.S Construction, Inc. also offers ongoing education and training on the proper handling of hazardous materials, power tools, and elevated work surfaces.

In addition to employee training, G.A.T.S Construction, Inc. prioritizes the use of quality materials and tools on all job sites. By adhering to the latest industry standards and guidelines, G.A.T.S Construction, Inc. strives to protect every worker from potential safety hazards. Employee safety is further ensured through the use of top-of-the-line safety apparel and equipment, as well as regular inspections of safety equipment.

G.A.T.S Construction, Inc. also has a comprehensive health and safety program in place. Under this program, all employees must undergo an extensive background check before being hired. This policy helps to ensure that all workers have the qualifications necessary to work in a safe and secure environment. G.A.T.S Construction, Inc. also offers periodic safety reviews and audits to ensure that safety standards are maintained.

G.A.T.S Construction, Inc. is committed to providing the best in quality and safety for all of their projects. Through their dedication to safety and compliance with health and safety regulations, G.A.T.S Construction, Inc. is able to successfully and reliably complete each job in a safe, efficient, and cost-effective manner.