G.A.T.S. Construction, Inc. Warranties and Guarantees

G.A.T.S. Construction, Inc. understands that when it comes to investing in a concrete, asphalt and home build project it is important for clients to feel confident that their investment is secure and that their expectations are going to be met. That is why G.A.T.S. Construction, Inc. provides warranties and guarantees with every project that they take on.

G.A.T.S. Construction, Inc. offers materials and workmanship guarantees for their asphalt projects for up to two years after the completion of the project. During the warranty period, any material or workmanship issues that arise may be covered and repaired by G.A.T.S. Construction, Inc. at no additional expense to the customer. Furthermore, G.A.T.S. Construction, Inc. offers clients a written guarantee of satisfaction. If the customer is not completely satisfied with the quality of the asphalt project, G.A.T.S. Construction, Inc. will redo the project free of charge.

For concrete projects, G.A.T.S. Construction, Inc. also provides warranties and guarantees for up to two years. G.A.T.S. Construction, Inc. provides guarantees for all of the concrete work done including proper placement, curing and temperature control of the concrete. All of their concrete projects are also underwritten by a written guarantee of satisfaction and if the customer is not completely satisfied with the project they will redo it at no additional cost.

G.A.T.S. Construction, Inc. also provides warranties and guarantees for all new home builds. G.A.T.S. Construction, Inc. guarantees that the home build finishes and structural elements will be of the highest quality and standards and will also be in compliance with all building codes and local ordinances. To ensure their clients peace of mind, G.A.T.S. Construction, Inc. provides a warranty on most home systems and components including windows, doors, cabinets and floors. Furthermore, G.A.T.S. Construction, Inc. proposes an industry-leading guarantee of satisfaction. If for any reason the client is not satisfied with any aspect of the home build project, G.A.T.S. Construction, Inc. will modify the project free of charge to ensure the maximum satisfaction of their clients.

G.A.T.S. Construction, Inc. strives to provide their clients with the ultimate peace of mind knowing that their investments are secure and protected with warranties and guarantees. Whether they are investing in an asphalt, concrete or home build project, G.A.T.S Construction, Inc. provides industry-leading guarantees and warranties to ensure the satisfaction of their clients.