Services Offered by Haskew Company in Miami-Dade County

The Haskew Company is a premier commercial and industrial contractor located in Jacksonville, Florida. As a full-service general contractor and engineering services provider, the Haskew Company offers a comprehensive range of services to meet the needs of businesses in Miami-Dade County and throughout the southeastern United States. The company provides professional construction and design services, as well as comprehensive maintenance services, that are tailored to each client.

With over 20 years of experience in the construction industry, the Haskew Company understands the unique needs of its clients. From demolition to engineering and from planning to construction management, their team of construction and design professionals works closely with the client to create bespoke solutions for each project. Their team is well-versed in the latest building regulations and offers a high level of installation, efficiency and quality assurance.

The Haskew Company offers both new construction and renovation services for commercial and industrial projects. Their team is experienced in managing a range of projects from small repairs to large constructions. They also offer energy optimization solutions, including energy-efficient lighting and heating/cooling equipment. These solutions can help businesses reduce energy costs while maintaining their operations.

In addition to providing construction and design services, the Haskew Company provides maintenance services for existing structures. Their team is knowledgeable in the maintenance of structures such as high-rise buildings, open area structures, industrial plants, and more. They perform regular inspections and preventive maintenance to identify potential problems and correct them before they become more costly.

The Haskew Company is dedicated to providing quality services to their clients in Miami-Dade County. With their experienced team of professionals, they are committed to creating efficient and cost-effective solutions that meet the unique needs of each project. Whether you’re planning a new structure or need maintenance on an existing one, the Haskew Company can help.