Hughes Custom Builders recent news and press releases

Hughes Custom Builders has been making waves in the construction and remodeling industry for the past several years. The company has recently revealed various new projects, press releases, awards, and other updates that showcase the quality and innovation of their work.

The company was founded by a group of experienced craftsmen and design professionals who discovered a common goal of bringing excellence and reliable service to the industry. Since then, each successive project has demonstrated the skill and creative flair needed to pass the highest standards in the industry.

In late 2020, Hughes Custom Builders became the recipient of the ANG Architecture Award in the Building/Construction category, solidifying their place among the top in the business. The award was presented in recognition of the custom home they created at an unbelievable speed of 16 weeks and under budget. The home was featured in Architectural Record magazine and the ANG Award only added to their accolades.

The company has continued to make news by undergoing several renovations to the iconic Annapolis Marina, housed in the same buildings owned by the McDonough family since 1902. Hughes Custom Builders gracefully brought the structures into the modern times with a mixture of modern amenities and traditional touches.

The project created five high-end condos along with upgraded boat facilities. The exterior renovations included a re-facing of the boathouse with a maintenance free composite material, discreet window placement for each condo, terraces with a planter wall, and underground parking garages.

The work done by Hughes Custom Builders continues to astound the industry. With each new project they prove they are committed to providing unique and excellent services while creating exciting new spaces. To learn more about the company and their projects, please visit them at