KB Home Design Options and Upgrades

KB Home Design Options and Upgrades

KB Home has been building homes for over 60 years, and continues to strive for excellence when it comes to designing and constructing quality homes. With dozens of floor plans to choose from and customizable features, KB Home provides homeowners the opportunity to create their dream home from the ground up. From exterior design options and interior upgrades to the latest in energy-efficient appliances and amenities, KB Home offers a variety of options and upgrades that truly define "home".

Exterior Design Options: KB Home offers a wide selection of exterior designs, including a variety of siding, roofing, stone and brick options. Homeowners can create a stunning, one-of-a-kind look by customizing the exterior of their home to fit their lifestyle. Whether selecting a traditional, modern, or contemporary style, homeowners are sure to find the perfect exterior design to fit their desired look.

Interior Upgrades: The interior design options offered by KB Home are just as impressive as the exterior. From paint colors and ceiling heights to kitchen layouts and hardwood floors, homeowners can customize every aspect of their home’s interior. Kitchen upgrades including custom built-in appliances and countertops, coupled with luxurious bathrooms and optional extra bedrooms, provide homeowners with the utmost quality and convenience in their home.

Energy-Efficiency Amenities: The energy-efficiency amenities offered by KB Home ensure that homeowners not only feel great living in their house, but also pay less on their energy bills. With ENERGY STAR® appliances, cutting-edge HVAC and air filtration systems, and high-performance insulation, homeowners can rest assured that their home has been designed with energy-efficiency in mind.

At KB Home, the design options and upgrades are endless, providing homeowners with the opportunity to create the home of their dreams. By combining exterior design options, interior upgrades and energy-efficiency amenities that fit their needs and lifestyle, homeowners can rest assured that their KB Home is exactly what they have been dreaming of.