KB Home Special Offers and Deals

KB Home Special Offers and Deals

KB Home provides great value with their special offers and amazing deals. They offer a number of incentives such as discounts on homes, free upgrades, and unique financing options. Customers have the ability to customize their dream home built just for them.

One great offer provided by KB Home is their upgrade package. This package allows customers to choose upgrades that add comfort and luxury to their homes. Upgrades like hardwood floors, gourmet kitchens, and luxurious master baths are all a part of this offer. All upgrades come directly from KB Home and customers can choose exactly which ones they want to add to their homes.

KB Home also offers a unique financing program that allows customers to purchase their homes with favorable interest rates and annual fees. Customers can choose from home loan programs to financing options from KB Home’s partner lenders. These offers include lower down payments, longer repayment periods, and cash back incentives.

Furthermore, for a limited time, KB Home has an exclusive special offer for first-time buyers. Through this program, customers who purchase a newly built single-family home from KB Home will receive a free kitchen upgrade package. This package includes an upgraded kitchen island, high-end appliances, and a variety of energy-efficient features.

Finally, customers who sign a contract to purchase a home from KB Home within 45 days of signing the initial contract will receive a special KB Home cash back offer. Customers can receive up to $5,000 cash back upon closing on the home.

KB Home offers many unique special offers and deals that customers can take advantage of to customize and save on their dream home. With deals like free upgrades, unique financing options, and discounts, customers can be sure to get the most value out of their investment. Take a look at the offers and deals they have to find the perfect fit for you.