Experience and expertise of KBT Contracting Corp. in design and build services.

Experience and expertise of KBT Contracting Corp. in design and build services.

KBT Contracting Corp. is a contractor based in Jacksonville, Florida offering design and build services to residential and commercial customers. With more than two decades of professional experience and expertise, KBT offers a wide range of services including new construction, remodeling, and design and build services.

KBT prides itself on its excellent customer service, providing comprehensive quotes and estimates up front so that customers have a clear understanding of their investments. Whether it’s a new construction project, remodeling or just a simple requested upgrade, KBT has the technical know-how to get the job done efficiently and effectively.

KBT’s design and build services span both commercial and residential projects. For residential customers, KBT offers services such as home addition, updating a kitchen or bathroom, or retrofitting old structures. Businesses and other commercial customers have access to design and build services from KBT as well, such as new construction, expansion, repurposing of existing space, and more.

KBT’s team of experienced experts has the knowledge and skill to take on most any project. They strive to finish each job with the highest quality results and within the customer’s budgets and timeframe. With their attention to detail and customer service, they ensure that the project is undertaken with the utmost care to sustain customer satisfaction and loyalty.

KBT provides a one-stop-shop for design and build services in Jacksonville, Florida and beyond. Their experienced team of professionals and commitment to excellent customer service have proven their reliability and expertise in the field of construction and design. Customers can rely on KBT for quality results and competitive prices for their design and build projects.