Projects Completed by Kendale Design/Build Contractors in Jacksonville, FL

Projects Completed by Kendale Design/Build Contractors in Jacksonville, FL

Kendale Design/Build is a contractor in Jacksonville, FL that specializes in commercial projects such as industrial and educational buildings, healthcare facilities, and retail spaces. Our team of dedicated professionals is committed to delivering excellence on each and every project.

Kendale Design/Build’s commercial projects showcase a range of capabilities, including the construction of healthcare facilities, offices and retail space, educational buildings, and industrial spaces. In all of our projects, we share a commitment to exceed client expectations in terms of project scheduling, budgeting, and quality of workmanship. Our experienced team of knowledgeable and skilled builders are also highly adept at troubleshooting and developing creative solutions to difficult challenges.

We have completed a variety of projects in the Jacksonville, FL area such as the development of a new medical facility for a local hospital. Our team managed the complete construction of the building, from site preparation to the final installation of the interior and exterior of the building. This project was completed on time and within the budget established by our client.

In addition to the medical facility project, we have also completed the construction of a new office complex for a major technology company. Our team managed the entire project from start to finish and was able to complete it within tight deadlines and meticulous budgets. This project showcased our team’s skills in executing a large-scale project quickly, efficiently, and with a great deal of professionalism.

Finally, we have also provided our services in the development and construction of a state-of-the-art school in Jacksonville, FL. This project required careful planning and factored in the latest trends in educational design. Our team was able to clearly communicate the school’s vision and expectations to our builders, ensuring the project was completed with sophistication, quality, and efficiency.

Kendale Design/Build is dedicated to providing superior commercial projects in the Jacksonville, FL area. Our team of experienced and knowledgeable professionals demonstrate our commitment to excellence every step of the way. If you are looking for a contractor that can deliver high-quality projects in a timely and cost-efficient manner, contact us today at (904) 384-8611.