Quality Control Standards Used by Kendale Design/Build Contractors in Jacksonville, FL

Quality Control Standards Used by Kendale Design/Build Contractors in Jacksonville, FL

Kendale Design/Build is committed to the highest standards of quality control for their commercial projects in Jacksonville, FL. In order to ensure that the final results of their construction meet all of their clients’ requirements and uphold the safety and security of all occupants using their building, their contractors utilize a comprehensive system of quality control standards to monitor every step in the building process.

Kendale Design/Build employs a robust quality control plan that encompasses all points of the construction process, including: designing, scheduling, budgeting, and performance. This plan includes a series of checkpoints throughout each stage of the development and building process in order to ensure that projects are completed according to all relevant standards and codes. Additionally, their contractors take time and effort to ensure that every component and material used during the construction process is of the highest quality available. This is true from the initial stages of the project, such as surveying, to the final stages of construction, such as painting and landscaping.

Before any project can be completed, Kendale Design/Build's team of experienced contractors inspects the work process and the finished product to make sure that the construction adheres to their quality control standards. Every step of the construction process is examined and evaluated to confirm that their projects meet their clients' expectations. Not only do they inspect their own work, but they also engage other experts in specific fields to facilitate inspections of various aspects of their projects.

Kendale Design/Build is also committed to ensuring the safety of anyone who relies on their construction. This focus on safety is evident in the safety course they provide to their contractors. The safety course provides direction on best practices that should be used in the workplace, proper warnings for using any equipment, and correct methods for the safe handling and storage of all materials. The company also adheres to the latest safety and environmental rules and regulations issued by the state of Florida.

Kendale Design/Build establishes a high bar for quality control standards on their commercial projects in Jacksonville, FL. Their commitment to achieving excellence on every project shows in their thorough building plans as well as their dedication to ensuring the safety of everyone living or working in their structures. With such dedication to excellence, their contractors can be trusted to deliver a quality building that meets the needs of their clients and exceeds the expectations of the community.