Awards Lewis Blinn Contractor has received

Lewis Blinn Contractor is one of the leading construction companies in the industry, and they have been recognized and awarded numerous awards over the years. From its prestigious accolades in the business to their environmentally conscious construction practices, the company has been commended by professionals and the public alike.

In 2018, Lewis Blinn received the 2008 Design Innovation Award for its work on a state-of-the-art complex for a global business. The complex was built in record time due to the innovative ways the design and construction were handled. The award was presented to the company for their pioneering use of energy efficiency and green construction techniques as part of the project.

The following year, the company’s work on the Towers at Mountview was recognized with the Design Excellence Award from the American Institute of Architects. The project’s outstanding design and thoughtfully planned construction techniques earned the company widespread recognition from their peers. Additionally, their commitment to maintaining harmony among the surrounding ecosystem was praised and noted, as the project's impact upon the environment was minimized.

In 2020, Lewis Blinn was recognised with the 2020 Building of the Year Awards, presented to it for its use of sustainable materials and green building practices in the design and construction of a new high school. The project was widely praised for its creative use of materials and its commitment to environmental sustainability.

As a cornerstone of the construction industry, Lewis Blinn Contractor has received numerous awards and recognition for its quality work and commitment to sustainability. Their projects have been commended by experts and members of the public alike due to their outstanding design, construction quality, and dedication to minimising their environmental impact. As such, Lewis Blinn Contractor continues to be an exemplary industry leader, achieving awards and accolades for their work throughout the years.