Mack Brothers Building Contractor Health & Safety Practices

Mack Brothers Building Contractor has a comprehensive health and safety policy to ensure the protection of all its employees and subcontractors while they work. As an industry leader in safety practices, they understand the importance of providing a safe and secure work environment for everyone.

The Mack Brothers Building Contractor is committed to a balanced approach to health and safety that incorporates engineering control, hazard assessment, prevention and control strategies, and sustained compliance with applicable laws, regulations and client specifications. Their approach emphasizes the need for supervision and safe working conditions at all times.

A crucial part of the safety policy is the corporate safety training program, which is integrated into the regular orientation of new employees and subcontractors. This training focuses on the recognition of potential hazards, established safe work practices, personal protective equipment (PPE), and the use of approved safety products and procedures. Additionally, the company implements regular health and safety checks that evaluate both the employees and subcontractors for personal protective equipment (PPE) and compliance with safety procedures.

The health and safety department is responsible for establishing and enforcing safety rules and regulations. They also oversee the safety oversight of subcontractors, maintaining and reviewing industry-specific training materials and incident reports. Additionally, they maintain the safety record of the company and investigate workplace-related injuries and accidents.

The Mack Brothers Building Contractor promotes a culture of safety throughout the organization. Employees are educated on the importance of proper usage of the right tools and materials, as well as how to manage potential hazards, working safely in all aspects of the job site.

The commitment to safety does not stop at the office. Mack Brothers Building Contractor also offers safety incentives to ensure everyone is aware and following safety protocols. These incentives are awarded in the form of rewards, such as days off or additional pay.

Mack Brothers Building Contractor is devoted to providing a safe and secure work environment for all its employees and subcontractors. With its dedication to a company-wide health and safety policy, Mack Brothers Building Contractor is a leader in the industry and is committed to providing a safe working environment.