Current Construction Projects Managed by Morales Group


Morales Group is one of Northeast Florida's most respected construction companies, having forty years of history that is built on superior customer satisfaction. For nearly four decades, the experienced team at Morales Group have prided themselves on delivering industry-leading construction and renovations.

Currently, Morales Group is managing several different projects throughout Jacksonville, Florida and the surrounding area. One of the notable jobs being overseen by the team at Morales Group is for a modern custom-built luxury residence in Jacksonville's St. Johns county. This project consists of renovating the existing condominium unit, while also constructing an additional attached living space and two-story garage. The skilled craftsmen working on the project are using advanced construction materials to ensure that the project meets the highest quality standards, while also delivering a unique and stylish result.

The team at Morales Group is also managing several commercial projects throughout the region. These projects involve constructing new structures or completing extensive renovations and retrofitting existing buildings. In addition to delivering projects on time and on budget, the team strives to reduce disruption to surrounding businesses and residents through minimal noise, dust, and other job site inconvenience.

Another major current project overseen by Morales Group is the construction of a new high school in Neptune Beach. This ambitious project consists of constructing a brand new facility from scratch, including state-of-the-art classrooms, sports courts, and technology labs. The highly qualified team at Morales Group is utilizing the latest green construction techniques and materials to complete this facility quickly and efficiently, while also ensuring that it meets the highest energy efficiency standards.

Morales Group is dedicated to providing quality construction services and managing various projects throughout Northeast Florida. The experienced team has a reputation for delivering projects on time and on budget while taking steps to ensure minimal disruption to businesses, residents, and the environment. With a team of talented contractors and a commitment to excellence, Morales Group is the go-to choice for any construction needs.