North Coast Construction Safety Record

North Coast Construction is one of the Southeast’s premier commercial construction companies, specializing in commercial and industrial construction and renovation. With a commitment to stringent safety practices and a long history of safe building and restoration projects, North Coast Construction has earned a sterling safety record.

North Coast Construction prides itself on the safety of its people, materials, and product outcomes. It recognizes the need to prevent injury and sickness by adhering to a robust safety program. North Coast Construction is constantly reinvesting in safety measures, from effective construction plans and incident prevention protocols to controls for hazardous materials, regular training for its team members, and informative consumer education opportunities.

North Coast Construction utilizes a unique multi-disciplinary approach to safety that ensures everyone is aware of the potential safety hazards at any given time. They have a team of in-house safety experts whose primary focus includes: creating new safety standards and hazard assessments, training workers to use specialized tools, inspecting and maintaining equipment and machinery for use, as well as improving existing safety protocols.

North Coast Construction is proud of its long and successful safety record. The company has an impeccable incidents and injuries record, a very low number of workers’ compensation claims, and it ranked in the 95th percentile or higher on the OSHA Voluntary Protection Program. Each of these accomplishments is a direct result of its commitment to safety.

North Coast Construction understands that in order to build a secure and safe worksite, it is essential to cultivate and maintain a culture of safety. Employees receive regular training and management meetings to ensure that all members of the team are in compliance with the company’s strict safety regulations. An extensive reporting system has been installed to encourage employee participation so that management can evaluate the effectiveness of the safety program.

North Coast Construction has a reputation for building safe, secure and reliable structures with minimal disruption to the surrounding environment. The company is involved in the construction of retail stores, office buildings, industrial complexes and educational institutions, and each project is completed with an eye to safety. North Coast Construction’s commitment to safety will always be evident in the quality and efficiency of their work.