Compliance Regulations Adhered to by Opus Group

Opus Group is a design build contractor based in Jacksonville, Florida that has been providing construction services for nationally recognized clients for decades. As a respected builder, they adhere to all compliance regulations set forth by both the state and federal governments. The company takes their commitment to protecting the environment, safety standards, integrity and ethical guidelines seriously in order to maintain their reputation as a leading construction provider.

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection has set compliance regulations that Opus Group strictly follows. Whether it’s local, state or national laws they are obligated to adhere to; they make sure that their construction sites are compliant and up to code. For example, Opus Group is aware that the construction sites need to be in accordance with total daily maximum loads for any metals and/or nutrients that are within a specified limits of the surface waters. Furthermore, they are mindful of the need to dispose of hazardous wastes in a proper manner.

At Opus Group, safety is a fundamental part of their culture and a high priority in all projects. The company abides by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations and the standards of the American Society of Safety Engineers. This means that they are committed to preventing workplace injuries and illnesses by taking every necessary safety precaution. For example, Opus Group provides safety equipment, monitors employee performance and strictly restricts any unauthorized entry and access to the site. Additionally, they possess a strong commitment to preserving the integrity and ethical standards of the construction industry by requiring all of their employees and subcontractors to abide by the Code of Ethics and the Florida Construction Industry Licensing Board Regulations.

At Opus Group, they are committed to providing the highest quality of construction services by following all compliance regulations set forth. They understand that their accountability is to both the community and their customers. Furthermore, as a respected design-build contractor in the Jacksonville area, Opus Group is committed to safeguarding the integrity of their projects by adhering to local, state, and federal compliance regulations.