Locations of Opus Group Construction Projects

Opus Group is an experienced design build firm that has a long history of collaborating with some of the most renowned clients in the Jacksonville area. The company has been completing custom construction projects for decades, and its portfolio contains projects distributed throughout the area. Additionally, the firm offers design-build services to clients across the United States.

The firm has experience building commercial, residential and industrial projects of all sizes. In order to meet its clients’ expectations, Opus Group has offices located in major cities, such as New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles and Houston. Additionally, its Jacksonville office is the largest, situated in the historic Springfield, which is where much of the firm’s activity and construction projects take place.

In addition to core construction projects, Opus Group has created work in the form of scenic and environmental improvements. These projects can be seen throughout the city of Jacksonville, such as in parks and public spaces. The company also has experience developing public artworks that have become iconic landmarks. Its partners have been responsible for the completion of projects in some of the most visited locales, such as the Jacksonville Zoo, the downtown riverwalk and the famed St. Johns River.

The firm’s expertise does not end there. Opus Group is also well-versed in building infrastructure projects for both municipalities and private businesses. This includes highway and road construction, wastewater treatment, bridges and utility systems. One of its most notable investments is the expanding rail network in the Greater Jacksonville area.

The company’s immense success in the construction industry is the result of the collaborative efforts of its partners, employees and clients. The firm has a commitment to service and quality that ensures that its customers receive the best possible results. No matter the project or its location, Opus Group’s hard work and dedication ensure that their projects are built and maintained to a high standard.