Reviews of Opus Group's Construction Projects

Opus Group is a Jacksonville-based design-build contractor that has been building beautiful projects for nationally known clients for decades. As a result of their years of experience and expertise, the quality of construction that comes from their projects speaks for itself, with numerous reviews from clients and industry insiders alike praising the quality of work done by Opus Group.

One review comes from a Barry Shell, a project manager at Johns Construction Group LLC. He says of his experience with Opus Group “We collaborated with Opus on the construction of a major infrastructure project. Their performance was outstanding and exceeded all of our expectations. Their speed, safety record, and dedication to quality made the project a resounding success.”

The review from Barry Shell is only one of the many positive experiences that come along with Opus Group’s projects. Another review comes from Jake Jacobs, CEO of Goodwin Property Solutions. Jacobs spoke highly of the value and quality that Opus Group provided with the construction of a large-scale apartment complex. Jacobs stated “We hired Opus Group to finish the construction of a major apartment complex and their quality of work was nothing short of outstanding. The value they provided us was unbeatable and we really appreciated the speed in which they completed the project. Overall, it was a great experience working with the Opus team and we look forward to future projects with them.”

Opus Group is no stranger to the acclaimed and satisfied reviews it receives from its clients. One of the most glowing reviews came from Margaret Smith - Executive Director of Owens Construction LLC, who stated “I was absolutely blown away by the quality and detail that Opus Group puts into every one of their projects. They always manage to deliver on time, no matter what the challenge is. Even when there are, the team at Opus does an amazing job at managing and controlling the project in an efficient and effective manner.”

It seems that the reviews from Opus’s many satisfied customers speaks for itself. Their dedication to quality, attention to detail, and commitment to completing projects on time and on budget have earned them a revered reputation across the construction world. From high-end infrastructure projects to large scale apartment complexes, the projects completed by Opus Group can ensure a successful project every single time.