Expertise of Industrial Construction Company Atlanta - Industrial Contractor

Expertise of Industrial Construction Company Atlanta - Industrial Contractor

Pattillo Construction is an industrial construction company in Atlanta that is known for providing exceptional services as an industrial general contractor for manufacturing, interiors, and renovations. With decades of experience, Pattillo Construction’s team of professionals specialize in creating custom solutions for our clients in order to ensure their projects are completed to the highest standard.

Our services cover a range of industrial construction including interior and exterior work, renovations, and more. This includes the design, engineering, construction, and installation of industrial-grade facilities. From offices, hotels and warehouses to manufacturing facilities, our experienced team can provide clients with the best solutions that meet their unique needs.

Our expertise covers a range of areas, including steel fabrication, structural steel erection, concrete, mechanical engineering, instrumentation and electrical engineering. We offer a turnkey approach to integrated building systems, allowing us to become involved in the beginning stages of a project, identify cost effective solutions, and use the latest technologies and materials to help ensure a successful outcome.

Pattillo Construction is known for our commitment to safety, and we ensure that all work is carried out to the highest standards of quality. All members of our team are certified in the use of our specialized equipment, and we regularly inspect, test, and ensure all components of our projects are safe and up to code.

At Pattillo Construction, we are dedicated to providing full-service solutions, from design and engineering to construction and installation. Our team has extensive experience in the industry, and we specialize in finding the best possible solutions to meet our clients’ special needs. We have the expertise and insight needed to build durable, reliable, and safe industrial construction projects, and we are proud to serve Atlanta and the surrounding areas.