ShayCore Experience - Experience and qualifications of ShayCore and its team of professionals.

ShayCore Experience - Experience and qualifications of ShayCore and its team of professionals.

ShayCore is a full-service general contractor with more than three decades of experience serving clients in Jacksonville, FL and the surrounding area. Our team of seasoned professionals offer a wealth of experience and specialized knowledge in a variety of commercial building disciplines. We have the know-how, skills and commitment to develop quality construction projects that exceed expectations.

ShayCore is a respected name in professional building, skilled in all aspects of construction – from concept to completion. Our professionals are experienced in virtually every type of construction and committed to delivering projects of the highest quality from start to finish. Our team of experienced project managers and knowledgeable engineers strive to provide a turnkey construction experience while ensuring that costs remain within budget, timelines are met, and quality is never compromised.

Each of our project managers is a highly qualified and experienced expert in the field. Our team is comprised of registered professional engineers, building designers, and seasoned tradesman, many of whom have worked with ShayCore for more than 15 years, helping to define our dedication to professional excellence. With our deep knowledge of construction methodologies, sound design principles and cost containment methods, our team can manage complex projects with ease.

At ShayCore, we believe in the importance of sustainability. From process to finish, we always keep this in our focus. We commit to pursue a broad range of green-friendly building materials and environmentally responsible building practices through every phase of construction. Our team also provides innovative solutions that exceed all performance standards, modernizing properties and delivering lasting results.

From the drawing board to completion and beyond, ShayCore offers comprehensive project management and single-source solutions with an attention to detail that ensures excellence. We stand behind our work and offer clients comprehensive service that’s built on trust. Whether you need a complete commercial building project or an emergency repair, our team will be there for you through the entire process.