ShayCore Insurance and Licensing - Information on the licensing, permits and insurance ShayCore holds.

ShayCore Insurance and Licensing - Information on the licensing, permits and insurance ShayCore holds.

ShayCore is a full-service general contractor based in Jacksonville, FL that specializes in commercial construction projects. With extensive experience in the industry, ShayCore provides clients with specialized solutions to a range of construction needs. ShayCore is fully licensed and insured to exceed standards and regulations, ensuring top-tier quality and safety in all of our services.

For the safety of both clients and staff, ShayCore holds workers compensation insurance, public liability insurance, and property damage insurance. Additionally, all of our employees are covered by employment practices liability insurance. Together, these coverages protect our clients from any of the unexpected financial losses that could occur on a construction project. We take the safety of our clients and workers very seriously, and our insurance and permitting processes prove it.

At ShayCore, our team of experts makes sure that we maintain all the necessary permits and licenses required for the job. Our team of professionals has the expertise to navigate the local government's regulations, and with experience, skills and connections within the industry, we can make sure all permits and licenses are obeyed and that compliance is fully respected.

We also understand that every project is unique and has its own set of special requirements. That’s why ShayCore is dedicated to being masterfully equipped in terms of insurance and permits. Our team of professional insurers and permit managers can lay out our process, so that all of our clients are fully knowledgeable and understand the necessary insurance and permitting processes.

At ShayCore, we strive to provide the best general contractor services to all of our clients, and this includes making sure our licensing and insurance remains up-to-date and in accordance with state and local laws. Our team is dedicated to making sure that every project is conducted with safety, efficiency and quality for all clients. For questions about our licensing and permits, please contact us anytime.