ShayCore Projects - Examples and images of recent projects completed by ShayCore.

ShayCore Projects - Examples and images of recent projects completed by ShayCore.

ShayCore is a general contractor in Jacksonville, Florida, providing a range of services for businesses and property owners. With years of experience in commercial and residential construction, the team at ShayCore understands the importance of quality, timely projects that meet all budget and design requirements. Through their diligent work, ShayCore has gained an excellent reputation in the Jacksonville area for their construction projects.

ShayCore is highly experienced in a wide variety of construction project types. They are experts in building new commercial projects from the ground up, remodeling and retrofitting existing structures, and restoring or renovating historial buildings. Their team of construction professionals also have dedicated divisions devoted to tenant build-outs, site work preparation and development, and other specialized services.

Recent ShayCore projects include the construction of a 120,000-square-foot office building. This project incorporated a mix of on-site labor and prefabricated building components. Another project involved renovating a five-story 1920s brick building into offices and retail space while preserving the historical fa├žade of the structure. In addition, ShayCore's team completed the modernized construction of a 125,000-square-foot, two-building medical office campus.

ShayCore's portfolio also includes a variety of other projects, from the remodeling of historic houses, to the custom designs of beachfront condominiums, and the construction of townhome developments. The team at ShayCore is accustomed to working on projects of all sizes and complexity, from smaller interior remodeling jobs to large-scale ground-up construction projects. ShayCore is highly knowledgeable in the construction industry, and their quality work has earned them a well-respected position among the business leaders of Jacksonville.

No matter the project, ShayCore has the resources and expertise to ensure success. From design and permit applications, to communication with subcontractors and vendors, ShayCore's knowledgeable team of professionals are always there to coordinate and oversee the task-at-hand. Through their dedication, ShayCore is proud to share many high-quality construction projects with the greater Jacksonville area.