Tenant Contractors’ Professional Award Recognition

Tenant Contractors’ Professional Award Recognition

Tenant Contractors is an award-winning full-service commercial contractor based in Jacksonville, Florida. Since setting up shop 30 years ago, the company has earned a well-deserved reputation as one of North Florida’s premier contracting firms. Through hard work, dedication to the craft, and an unwavering commitment to the highest standards, Tenant Contractors has garnered numerous industry awards recognizing its achievements and contributions to the North Florida building sector.

One of the most recent awards bestowed upon Tenant Contractors was the National Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) Safety Training and Evaluation Process (STEP) Gold Level Award, which the company earned in 2020. The STEP Award recognizes excellence in construction safety and health program development by individual companies. Tenant Contractors continually evaluates its job site safety protocols and adopts best practices to ensure a safe worksite for its workers and the public, resulting in the firm's prestigious ABC recognition.

In addition to safety recognitions, Tenant Contractors has won several awards related to excellence in construction. In 2019, the contractor earned the ABC Construction Excellence Award for its successful completion of a commercial project, as well as an Excellence in Construction Merit Award in 2018. These honors highlight the company’s commitment to quality results and outstanding craftsmanship.

Throughout its years of service, Tenant Contractors has been consistently recognized by its peers and the broader building industry for its quality work. In 2017, the firm was awarded the Excellence in Construction Pyramid Award for Large Projects by ABC, recognizing its ability to successfully complete large construction projects. Moreover, Tenant Contractors was presented with ABC's Craftsmanship Award in 2016 and a number of award in previous years, including the ABC Quality and Safety Award in 2015, and a number of awards the preceding years.

This extensive recognition illustrates the level of excellence that Tenant Contractors has achieved in its 30 years of service and the respect earned by its peers. One unique aspect of the company is its commitment to training and manpower development, exemplified by its certifications by OSHA and ABC’s Safety Training and Evaluation process. All these achievements have enabled Tenant Contractors to become one of North Florida’s leading contracting firms and an industry leader in the field of commercial contracting.