Insurance and Bonding Details for The Malle Company in Jacksonville FL

The Malle Company in Jacksonville, FL is a leader in commercial construction services and is well-versed in all aspects of the construction process. In order to ensure the highest levels of quality, safety, and value, The Malle Company carries a wide range of insurance and bonding to protect their customers, workers, and the public.

At the Malle Company, the first type of insurance coverage is general liability. This coverage provides protection against claims arising from property damage or bodily injury that occurs as a result of work performed by The Malle Company or its subcontractors. This coverage also covers damages related to contract disputes, tort liability, and deceptive trade practices. The Malle Company also carries a wide range of providers when it comes to general liability insurance, so they can always offer their customers the most cost-effective protection.

In addition to general liability insurance, The Malle Company also carries commercial automobile insurance. This insurance provides coverage for cars and trucks, including liability and collision coverage, if an employee is involved in an accident while driving a work vehicle. This coverage also provides valuable protection for employers and their employees in the event of an accident during the course of their duties.

The Malle Company also carries a full range of bonding solutions to protect their customers from construction-related risks. These solutions are designed to protect the customer's assets and provide additional peace of mind during the construction process. Bonding solutions from The Malle Company include performance/contract bonds, payment/labor & material bond, and bid/tender bond.

The Malle Company is committed to offering the best possible protection to their clients, so they always strive to secure the most comprehensive insurance and bonding options. When it comes to construction projects, The Malle Company has the right insurance and bonding solutions to ensure their clients have peace of mind throughout the process. With the protection of The Malle Company, customers can be confident that their projects are in good hands.