Latest News on The Malle Company in Jacksonville FL

The Malle Company is Jacksonville’s top commercial construction company that has been in business for over four decades, providing their clients with the highest quality building and design services. Over the course of their illustrious career, The Malle Company has earned a superb reputation for providing innovative, cost-effective solutions to their clients’ needs, ranging from complex office and medical facilities to factories, warehouses and multi-family housing. Recently, The Malle Company has been making headlines due to its continued involvement in the Jacksonville area.

In 2020, The Malle Company won the contract to construct a new outpatient and medical facility for First Coast Cardiovascular Institute and Montecristo Spa. The project was completed within 18 months and is now one of the most luxurious and advanced medical facilities in the Jacksonville area. In 2021, they were chosen to design and construct a new, six-story condo building in the trendy Five Points neighborhood, bringing additional jobs and housing to the community.

The Malle Company takes great pride in their commitment to their clients, the environment and the community. They recently became a certified green organization, meaning all of the materials used in their projects are sustainable and environmentally friendly. Not only that, but they have been strongly committed to hiring locally and properly training their workers in the latest techniques. As a result, they have achieved a “Green Star” rating by the Emerald Alliance.

In addition to their commercial construction services, The Malle Company also offers full remodeling and renovation services. These include everything from home additions to small and large renovations, as well as kitchen and bathroom remodels. Furthermore, The Malle Company is a licensed general contractor and will take care of all the necessary paperwork and permits required by the city.

The Malle Company is committed to providing their clients with the best in commercial construction and renovation services, while also supporting the local community and protecting the environment. With their focused approach to customer service and a commitment to high-quality work, it’s no wonder why The Malle Company is one of Jacksonville’s most trusted commercial construction companies.