Industrial Electric Testing, Inc.'s safety procedures

Industrial Electric Testing, Inc. is a full-service electrical testing company located in Jacksonville, FL. It is a NETA-accredited organization, meaning it meets all standards for safe, reliable electrical testing practices. Industrial Electric Testing, Inc. uses a range of techniques and test instruments to ensure the safety and reliability of electrical systems, as well as to detect, isolate, and prevent failure.

The company employs experts who use a knowledgeable and thorough approach to testing each part of the electrical system to ensure that it is functioning safely and efficiently. During the process, technicians check for arcing, damaged insulation, poor connections, and any other signs of damage. Any electrical leads and connections are tested for signs of wear, and all gauges are tested for proper calibration. When any of these issues are found, IET technicians repair or replace the problem areas.

IET also uses the latest safety procedures to ensure that technicians, customers, and equipment are protected. This includes proper grounding and covering exposed energized parts to prevent any potential hazards. All safety equipment is correctly inspected and maintained, and technicians never work alone, allowing each to double-check all work before it is finished. All technicians are NETA-certified, meaning they are well-versed in the most up-to-date codes and regulations.

Industrial Electric Testing, Inc. takes safety very seriously and takes the necessary steps to ensure that their customers' systems are running safely and efficiently. Its commitment to safety includes providing the highest quality personnel, regular maintenance and inspections, and the use of the latest safety equipment and procedures. These practices ensure that customers can rely on IET for all their electrical testing needs.