Railroad Signal Design & Engineering Projects Completed by Signal South

Railroad Signal Design & Engineering Projects Completed by Signal South

Signal South is a 40-year veteran in the railroad signal design and engineering industry. From intricate signaling system design and installation to ongoing maintenance, Signal South offers a detailed array of services that provide our clients with unprecedented levels of safety and reliability. With four decades of experience and an expansive portfolio of completed projects, Signal South stands as an industry leader, committed to the success of their customers.

Signal South’s team of experienced professionals, including signal engineers, testers, inspectors and project managers, use their expertise to customize, design, inspect and maintain railroad signal equipment, controls, and detection systems. Signal South is committed to providing the highest standards in design and engineering services, which is why their team is dedicated to staying ahead of the latest technological advances in the industry.

One of Signal South’s most recent accomplishments was a signal engineering project for a large metropolitan railroad carrier. The company designed and implemented a signal system that allowed for successful, automated communication between the rail system. In addition to the communication systems, Signal South conducted a comprehensive review of railroad track geometry and crossing structure conditions. They also reviewed the existing signal system and made the necessary modifications and upgrades and developed recommendations to improve overall rail safety.

Signal South is also experienced in designing and constructing customized control systems that automate signal operations and conduct signal systems tests. Their engineers have extensive experience in signal systems, signal application, signal protection, safety and reliability. Signal South’s extensive portfolio of signal system projects encompasses everything from railways, to safety zones and hazardous crossings.

Through their industrial engineering projects, Signal South continues to provide services with a purpose of minimizing the number of accidents and ensuring safe passage through hazardous areas. Train operators look to Signal South’s engineers to design and implement systems and procedures that promote safer operations, making sure that all railroad signals are in compliance with the Federal Railroad Administration regulations and industry standards. Signal South also works with train operators to implement a system of preemptive and override commands and to verify the accuracy of signal indications to both prevent and detect malfunctions.

As one of the most experienced railroad signal design and engineering contractors in the world, Signal South is dedicated to delivering the highest quality of safety, reliability, and efficiency for its customers. Signal South’s team of professionals are committed to creating innovative solutions wherever needed and maintaining the highest standards of practice in their industry.