Bath Planet’s applicable warranties

Bath Planet’s applicable warranties

Bath Planet recognizes the importance of a quality bathroom remodeling project, and they back up their work with their applicable warranties. Whether you are looking to remodel your entire bathroom, install a new shower, or make other renovations, they offer an enormous selection of products and the installation that comes with a reliable warranty.

Bath Planet’s professional warranty covers any product defects or damages that may occur due to the product within the specified period. If, for example, there is any material or manufacturer defect that results in the product failing during home installation or after, then the defect will be replaced or repaired at no additional cost to the customer.

They also provide warranties for their skilled workmanship, as Bath Planet is confident in the quality of their installation. If any damages, defects, or other issues arise due to installation, those will be fixed within the specified warranty period.

Bath Planet also offers an extended warranty that is available for customers who choose to purchase it. This warranty covers the workmanship or products that have been installed, and generally covers all issues related to the project. Customers can install with extra peace of mind by purchasing this warranty, and they can expect the same quality of service as the professional warranty.

For minor issues, such as tarnishing of shower doors, scratches and chips on surfaces, discoloration of fixtures, and small surface cracks, Bath Planet is willing to remedy them at no cost. However, if the customer attempts to fix these issues themselves, then the warranty is void.

Bath Planet provides their customers with both peace of mind and satisfaction with their warranties. Knowing that they back up their work with reliable warranties is reassuring to customers, and it is a big part of why many people choose Bath Planet for their bathroom remodeling projects.