Licensing and Insurance Credentials of Bennett's Quality Construction

Bennett's Quality Construction is a leading provider of construction services in the greater Ithaca area. The company is committed to delivering superior quality construction projects on time and on budget. As a result, it is important for clients to understand how Bennett's Quality Construction ensures the highest quality of work and customer service.

One of the best ways to ensure customer satisfaction is to ensure that construction workers are properly trained and licensed. Bennett's Quality Construction is proud to have a full staff of highly experienced and fully-licensed contractors and construction workers. All of the workers have passed state licensure tests and have the appropriate certifications in order to perform their duties safely and properly. This ensures that the construction projects are of the highest quality possible.

In addition to being fully licensed, Bennett's Quality Construction also carries fully comprehensive insurance coverage and works with the best insurance providers in the area. This ensures that all of their contractors and construction workers are insured, both for the safety of their team and the protection of their clients. This includes workers compensation, general liability, and property damage insurance.

Finally, Bennett's Quality Construction is committed to maintaining strict safety standards and regulations throughout their entire process. Before any construction project begins, a licensed safety engineer will inspect the site and make sure that all of the necessary safety precautions are in place. An on-site safety staff will be present during all of the project to ensure that all regulations and policies are followed.

Through their commitment to high quality, training, licensing and insurance credentials, Bennett's Quality Construction ensures that their customers get the best possible construction experience.By investing in reputable subcontractors and highly knowledgeable contractors, Bennett's Quality Construction is dedicated to providing an excellent service that meets and exceeds customer expectations.