What is Invisible Fence of Central Florida's Product Line and Services?

Invisible Fence of Central Florida offers a variety of pet safety solutions that keep pets away from danger. Their product line includes underground electric fences, wireless hidden fences, and cat fences for minimal-to-no maintenance. The electric fences are designed to help keep your pet safely contained around your property and stop them from entering potentially dangerous areas. The wireless and hidden fences allow you to customize your pet's play area by blocking off certain areas of the yard or allowing them to only go certain distances. The cat fences are specifically designed to protect felines from going beyond a specific boundary.

In addition to their product line, Invisible Fence of Central Florida also provides professional installation and service. Their experienced technicians will work with you to customize the best solution for your pet safety needs. They provide various packages to meet any budget, and will advise you on additional services that may be beneficial. Plus, they offer an extensive warranty plan to ensure your pet safety solutions remain in working order.

Moreover, Invisible Fence of Central Florida has solutions that can be specified to the exact needs of each pet. Each pet is given a unique collar to ensure their safety and to prevent accidental injury or escape. The technology commonly used in their solutions is one of the most reliable, durable and safe in the industry and all solutions are professionally installed and tested.

Invisible Fence of Central Florida offers a convenient website, with information about their solutions, tips for pet safety and a regularly updated blog for frequently asked questions. They also provide customer service lines and technical support throughout Florida. From Orlando to The Villages and from Gainesville to Ocala, Invisible Fence of Central Florida ensures your pet safety and peace of mind.