Lifetime Enclosures - Reviews From Satisfied Customers

Lifetime Enclosures - Reviews From Satisfied Customers

For nearly three decades, Lifetime Enclosures has been the trusted source for customers looking to upgrade their outdoor spaces in and around Jacksonville, Florida and Southeast Georgia. Whether they're looking for a new enclosure, patio or pool construction, or even just some general repairs, customers have been consistently raving about the high level of customer service, quality products and impressive results they’ve received from Lifetime Enclosures.

Customer Cheryl D. of Jacksonville praised Lifetime Enclosures for the helpful, thorough service she received for the glass enclosure she built around her pool. She said: "Lifetime Enclosures was incredibly helpful in helping me design the perfect pool enclosure for my backyard. Their staff was friendly and attentive to all of my questions and design needs. The enclosure turned out beautifully, and I am extremely satisfied with the result."

John B. of Savannah, Georgia was also very pleased with the results from Lifetime Enclosures. He said: “I had some minor repairs I needed to do to my existing pool enclosure, and Lifetime Enclosures came highly recommended. They arrived on time and did exactly the work I needed. They even gave me some tips on how to maintain my enclosure going forward. I’m very satisfied with their help and knowledge and will definitely use them again.”

For Richard P. of Fernandina Beach, Florida, building an entirely new pool was made easy with the help of Lifetime Enclosures. He said: “My wife and I decided to build a pool, and Lifetime Enclosures was the perfect partner for us. They answered all of our questions and the entire process was incredibly smooth. We’ve had people over to our house now and they’re amazed at how quickly and professionally Lifetime Enclosures completed our project.”

An overall theme from customer reviews for Lifetime Enclosures is that their staff was knowledgeable and genuinely interested in helping their customers get the result they wanted. With the quality products that they use, the professionalism of their staff, and the many satisfied customers they’ve had over the years, customers looking to make an outdoor upgrade to their home should certainly consider Lifetime Enclosures.